Career After Graduation

Career Path of Geoscience Section Graduates

About 30% of Geoscience Section graduates have gone on to pursue their study at the postgraduate level, and another 30% sought employment at private companies. Some graduates become public servants or teachers. Others continue their studies toward various career paths.

“Other” includes part-time teachers, people still studying toward teacher/public servant exams, enrollment at vocational schools, and self-employment.

Career Paths

<進学> 琉球大学大学院、鹿児島大学大学院、九州大学大学院、兵庫教育大学大学院、名古屋大学大学院、静岡大学大学院、東京海洋大学大学院、東京大学大学院、北海道大学大学院

<就職> (株)イオン九州、エーコー電子、エアーネクスト(株)、ラマヤナ、(株)ビックニイウス、日本ケミコン、(株)エクスエンジニアリング、サンエー、沖縄県非常勤職員、(株)ルネサンス、航空自衛隊、日本郵政グループ、クリエイティブタクトサービス、長崎県警察官、青年海外協力隊、ニュートンファイナンシャル、鹿児島大学生協、カワサキモータースジャパン(株)、具志川東高校、CSKコミニュケーションズ、BALLEGGS、リクルートR&Dスタッフィング、東信、(株)日光自然博物館、EH株式会社、郵便事業(株)、原電事業(株)、琉球ネットワークサービス、文化服装学院、管清工業、ソラーレホテルズアンドリゾーツ(株)、沖縄県警察、(株)ラウンドワン、伊達市役所、JA沖縄、クオリサイトテクノロジーズ(株)、近畿日本ツーリスト、資生堂、(株)エアー沖縄、NTT西日本、アイフォセンス(株)、ウェザーニューズ

At the Geoscience Section, students may obtain a teaching certificate (junior high school/high school science) or accreditation as a curator (museum specialist).

Messages from Graduates

Yutaka Kobashigawa

I’m currently managing tidal observatory facilities at the Hakodake Marine Observatory, and also providing technical guidance on work concerning tides to regional weather stations. I studied geoscience including oceanography as a student, but even now, at work, I find myself with a lot of room for development. Everyday is a learning process. I believe the Department of Physics and Earth Sciences offers a good balance of lectures and practical training on topics related to atmosphere, ocean, geology, earthquake, and Earth science, and is the most suitable environment to study Earth science. I highly recommend the department!

Asuka Doi

Observation Engineer, Global Ocean Development., Ltd.
I’m currently working on board the Mirai, a marine research cruiser. The training-ship cruise I participated in as a student is what inspired me to become an observation engineer. The experience ignited my desire to work with cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date data possible, and be an integral supporting cast of a research project. I now travel all over the world to observe, from the tropics to the Arctic Ocean. It’s not so easy to cover a wide range of responsibilities, from weather observation to topographical survey. It’s important that you have the attitude to find interest in various issues and learn about them. Becoming a member of the Geoscience Section is certainly the right first step. Pursue your interests and keep on pushing yourself. I wish you all well in your geoscientific endeavors.