Graduate School

Faculty of Science – Overview

The world of Earth Science is so deep that students can accomplish only so much in 4 years. For students who wish to master Earth Science, we have a special curriculum for Physics and Earth Science in the Faculty of Science at the Graduate School of the University of the Ryukyus. Students who earn the required credits in the first two years and pass a thesis examination will be awarded a Master’s degree (Earth Science). They may pursue further study for three more years to obtain a Doctoral degree (in Marine Environmentology), and this Ph.D. is the first step to becoming an Earth Science researcher.

Admission Policy of Department of Physics and Earth Science

The Department of Physics and Earth Science seeks students who aspire to become highly specialized and innovative researchers, educators who have the ability to teach students the genuine joy of understanding wonderful natural phenomenon, and socially committed engineers with scientific insights, by acquiring universal knowledge of natural science and critical thinking skills through the study of physics, Earth science, and related fields.

Admission Examination (Subjects, Inquiry)

Application process generally begins in early August, and the examination is held in late August.
The examination consists of an academic achievement test, an interview, and the evaluation of the academic record of the respective university. The academic achievement test consists of questions in the specialized subject (Earth Science) and foreign language (English).

We welcome questions about the examination at the Geoscience Section.
TEL: +81-0-98-895-8099

Research at the Graduate School

Yoshitaka Shiroma 
Yoshitaka Shiroma

I decided to enroll at the graduate school to pursue more specialized study in Earth science. I’m currently studying the concentration and generation mechanism of a radioactive element called Radon. As a graduate student, I have plenty of opportunities to attend international conferences in my field of study, and discuss recent news and findings with researchers from all over the world in English. The workload of a graduate student is much more than that of an undergraduate, but it is more rewarding. I am aspiring to become an engineer in the field of applied science.