Admission Examination

Q:I did not take geoscience in high school. Will I be at disadvantage after getting admitted?
A:You do not have to worry about this, since geoscience is related to various scientific fields including physics, chemistry, and biology. All students will study the basics and application of geoscience after enrollment. Earth Science I and II are a requirement for first year students, and they cover a wide range of basic geoscience topics.

Q:What is the ratio of out-of-Okinawa students? What is the male/female ratio?
A:It depends on the year, but for a group of 25 students admitted, about half is from outside Okinawa. The male/female ratio is 2:1.

Research unit

Q:What is a research unit? What do you do in a research unit?
A:A research unit is a small research group consisting of an instructor in a specific geoscience field and students who wish to acquire advanced knowledge in the field under the instructor. Students of the Geoscience Section will select and join a research unit in their third year. Students will be taught directly by the instructor including through seminars and graduation research, Geoscience instructors conduct research on topics including rocks, earthquakes, microfossils, ocean bed, natural radiation, atmospheric phenomenon, and ocean currents. Please visit the faculty member page for more detail.

Graduation Thesis

Q:What do you do for a thesis? What topics are there?
A:There is a variety of interesting topics depending on your interests and your research unit. You may choose something like computer analysis, precision-device analysis, or field investigation (land or sea). Please see the sample thesis topics in each educational and research field for your reference.

Career Path

Q:I want to be a researcher. What should I do?
A:To become a researcher, you will have to obtain a Ph.D. To enroll at the graduate school (Master’s and Doctoral programs) of the University of the Ryukyus, one must pass an exam. Some graduates pursue postgraduate education in mainland Japan, depending on their topic of research interest.


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